Behind the scenes

A few people out there still have the thought process of why is wedding/event photography so expensive, you are just pressing a button right? even some recent articles are stating that you can shoot a wedding on a mobile phone these days its that easy.

Photography isn't just pointing and shooting, its a way of life, its a mindset, its constantly looking for photos that are not there, or might be happening soon, its about hardware, software, insurances flexibility its the hours or weeks spent processing photos etc, apart from the people concerned, no one sees what is going on behind the scenes, and one of the main reasons for that is a photographer hates being in front of the lens.

How about looking behind the scenes, we are not just photographers, we are artists, social workers, babysitters, planners and a multitude of other tasks, both Grace and Rob are always willing to help out, not just as the photographers, Grace helped out with wedding dresses, both have helped distract younger ones whilst formal photos were taken. 

We are not just there to photograph your wedding, we are there to help your day run as smoothly as possible if thats what you wish or just remain as invisibile photographers, remember it is always #yourdayyourway

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