Who are we....part deux

The second photographer in our team, and another not overly keen on being in front of the lens, is Grace.

Grace joined InFocus in 2018, and has already had two weddings under her belt, Tilly and Christie, and more recently Non and Malcom.

Grace started her photography from a younger age, starting off taking photos with a simple mobile phone camera, she was introduced properly to the photography bug when she started going shooting with Rob and a friend, Rob then decided to try Grace with her first wedding late last year.

She proved her excellence in not only actual photography, but also dealinig with clients, young and old, looking after the bride, keeping children distracated whilst formal photos were being taken, more recently taking point on some formal photos, Grace enjoys all forms of photography, from weddings to landscapes, candid street photography to wildlife.

We know, as InFocus grows, so will the experience and knowledge of this photographer, developing her own style of shooting alongside the strict standards that InFocus requires.

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