Smiles and Tears

The weddings we shoot, are, for the most part, full of smiles, laughter, and tears of happiness.

We try to follow this rule, capturing all those moments, the raw energy exposed by a momentous day, its something we enjoy also, meeting all those new people, stressed brides, fussing mothers, proud dads. We go by the rule, if we are not enjoying it, then why do it?

Occasionally those days can be also marred by sadness, a wedding we did last year with Tilly and Christie, we were asked to photograph the grandparents of the groom, who had married previously, but never had any photos done for themselves. we gladly obliged, a short while back we were saddened to hear that Malcom  had sadly passed away, we only knew him for a short while, the same as the rest of the people there, but he truly was an impressive man, not just in stature.

Our most recent wedding, Eifiona and Malcom,

Eifiona was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so she decided there and then to marry her sweetheart Malcom. A dear friend recommended InFocus to Rhian, Eifiona's daughter, for that, we cannot thank you enough for recommending us. 

We knew of the reason for getting married, and realised we had to get it 150% right, not that we dont put the same effort into every wedding we shoot, but for Eifiona "Non" it was even more so important to capture those memories, not just for her, but for something for the family to have in the years to come. 

The big day arrived, and to be perfectly honest, I think we were more nervous than the bride, who composed herself magnificently during the day, Non needed a few breaks during the day, but that was fine we were in no rush, we wanted to tell the whole story. The day went as smooth as possible, and Non looked magnificent in her wedding dress, a pure image of beauty and composure. 

The day ended with smiles, and plenty of tears, including if honest by our photographers with the connection we had grown during the day. Normally our turnaround time is around 2 weeks for your photos, with this wedding, we knew time was a massive factor, and something we did not have a lot of, so we put ourselves under pressure to complete the task in under seven days, which i am pleased to say we managed. Non had manged to fight on through the wedding, and to see her photos.

Sunday just gone, we receive a message from Rhian, that sadly, Non had succuumbed to the cancer surrounded by her family, she had battled through so much pain to fight for 5 weeks, to get through her wedding making it the most memorable day for all those around her.

We at InFocus are truly saddened by this, although only knowing Non and her family for the matter of a few hours, we were welcomed, made to feel part of the celebration, rather than just outsiders shooting a wedding. Our personal thoughts are that of an amazing woman, a beauty that knew no bounds, a strength beyond compare and a love for a family that was limitless, we are truly honoured to have known her even for such a short time.

Non, may you rest in peace, sleeping amongst the angels in the stars, to Malcom, we offer our heartfelt condolences to the loss of your wife. Rhian and your family, we offer you our thoughts and prayers at this time, we know she will always watch over you all, her love for you still unwaivering and her guidance will watch you through your lives.

The team at InFocus would like to thank firstly, the good friend that recommended us, you will never know how much that means to show such trust in inviting us to do this. Lastly, the family of Non, for allowing us to tell your story, take your photos and be part of such a special day, we offer our thoughts and prayers and love to you all.

Please consider donating to Cancer Research as we have, to help beat this awful disease.


Thank you

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