A Relaunch

It's not often you see a new way of doing something traditional, why? because people don't like change, they don't like to be out of their comfort zone.

Here at Infocus, out of the comfort zone is exactly where we like to be, something new, something different, untried, untested. So what ideas do you have for your wedding day? crazy outfits, crazy locations, stranger and stranger photos? well, remember, it's your day, your way. Our motto is just that #yourdayyourway 

You can have traditional packages for your wedding, Bride getting ready, Church Service, Wedding Breakfast, evening dances.....why not break the mould, try something different, try us! We can give you a general idea of costs over the phone, or email, but why not sit down with us and discuss what in your wedding you would like different. Our Photographers will do their utmost to fit in to your wedding, more recently a 1940's themed wedding involved taking "old" style photos, and even the photographer dressed up in an original 1940's USAF uniform to fit in.


We are extremely family orientated in our approach. we may surprise you on our attitude to your wedding day because we shoot exactly what you want, and a little bit more, we do not tell you how to do things, we ask you, sure we have our own ideas, our personal touches to help, but it's purely the special couple. We offer advice, if you don't take it because it doesn't fit in then thats great, if you have your choices or ideas then brilliant.



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