An Unplugged Wedding

What is an unplugged wedding

In simple terms, its a phone free ceremony, your guests are there to watch you being married, through their own eyes, not through a lens to celebrate your love for your partner, you have hired a professional to photograph the wedding so your guests can sit back and enjoy the day.

On my travels, i have witnessed people using ipads for taking photos at tourist spots in London and elsewhere, in the weddings we have shot, similar happens, ipads and phones are prevelant everywhere, that's not a bad thing, except right in the middle of a photo that the professional is taking, we have had photos literally binned because of someone with their phone.

Some samples here of what happens to photos when people are using the phones at the wrong time, you can even make a special thing of it, there are plenty of designs and suggestions for signs you could make up to have at the church to remind guests to pocket their phones, Pinterest has many suggestions for this.

So in closing, ask your guests to help us, and in turn help them, and help you, ask them to enjoy the ceremony, there will be plenty of time for photos outside the church, at the reception etc.

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